Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"The Adventure Begins..."

Joan and Julia's Excellent Adventure - June 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We're at the airport. Our departure times was to have been 6:19am, the sign posted says 6:45am? On time?? Has the big scare at JFK airport changed security protocols? Anyway, we're here plenty early!


"That's an hourglass," Julia says...


Yes, the constant awareness of Time!

We've safely arrived in LA. One 'strawberries and creme' venti and a blueberry muffin later, I'm experiencing sugar rush.


I've done maybe a dozen "Easy Monday" crossword puzzles. One clue gave me a chuckle:

Are we there yet? NO!!!

6:51pm - 9:51pm Washington DC time!

We've safely arrived in the hotel room. Yes, very nice luxury, nice classical radio station soothes us after the trials of travel...


Thoughts while trying to sleep... I lay there, observing the pattern of light and shadow caused by the night lights outside coming through the wooden slats of the blinds. The intensity of awareness! This is what I love so much about going somewhere I've never been before. As the Supershuttle took us to our hotel, I strained through the dimming light to see everything. There are all kinds of statues in the classical tradition every where I look. Julia noted a familiar sight, "That's the Kennedy center for the Performing Arts! I saw Swan Lake there many years ago." She used to live only sixty miles away from the nation's capital.

She sleeps while I write this sitting crosslegged on the bathroom floor, real marble tiles! Can you imagine it?

Thursday, June 7, 2007 A

"First Morning..."

Remember I told you about many statues here? I was surprised to find a life sized statue of Marilyn Monroe in the lobby!

I'd seen it in the hotel's website pics, but thought it was just to say, "Marilyn slept here!"

View from the eatery...

The vibes in the eatery of this place! All the high powered executives are rushing about. Behind us is a table full of young adults with Big Ideas. Words like 'entropy' and 'protocol' are being bandied about. I like the energy of this place.

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