Saturday, February 3, 2007

"Ren Faire"

This is the first year of Two Rivers Renaissance Faire here in Yuma. We hope it will be an annual event, for it was much fun.

There were many shops spread across the wide expanse of West Wetlands Park...
Yes, Julia's wearing the cape I'd made for Laura, she carries it well. (full size underneath...)

First she rang the bell to let everyone know she was making a medallion or coin.
Then she turns the crank so the huge weight goes up, and then it goes down, creating the piece.

I chose the 'Khepera' scarab, of course, and to match it, the Ankh on the other side.

Here is an Egyptomania pin, a griffin wearing the Nemes headdress. I did not buy this one!

A mirror, we could not resist!

The hammered dulcimer player works his artistry.

close up of his hands... (click to see it larger...)

I chose to emphasize the dancer to make her more dynamic...

The fire eater prepares to swallow. Note his nervous expression!

I did not capture the moment of swallowing, but did get the triumphant finish!

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