Orlando - Disney World and Mensa Gathering

I'm so lucky to have such a smart partner and friend, Julia. Otherwise, I would never be able to join in on these very enriching activities. But I do, and I'm glad I could go to this 60th anniversary Mensa world gathering. It was after I booked my flights that I learned it was being held in a Disney World resort. I scanned the Disney website, and found the most intriguing critter exhibits to visit, and planned that our first day would be among the critters. Then from there on, we'd do the Mensa programs.

First Sights
Second Sights
Jungle Critters! (Part One)
Jungle Critters! (Part Two)
More Critters! (Part One)
More Critters! (Part Two)
Beautiful Resort
Small Details
Intellectually Stimulating
Dawn of a New Day

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