May 28, 2005

"Liberating Art II"

I am wide awake with thoughts. This is truly the city that does not sleep. I hear the sounds of cars busy in the streets even at this hour. I am thinking again about art and its ability to express 'the spiritual' and how I do that in my art. There are two unique methods. I have the 'automatic' drawings, in which I let the 'sub-conscious' aka Higher Self guide the pen, w/o conscious direction on my part. This gives a clear view of my internal state at the time of creation.

And the other spiritual venue I explore is the mandala. As I remember Don Webb's words, in which he talkes about the 'two poles of awareness', so this is displayed in the mandala. I try to have an interplay between the outer elements (to represent the objective world) and the inner center element (which represents the core of the Self). In this dynamic interplay, the eye is drawn back and forth between the two.

Also, in the mandala, which also has its intuitive elements, there is a sense of what the Egyptians called Ma'at, or balance and order. So in all aspects, the mandala making is a very spiritual exercise for me.

I feel optimistic about the future, eager to see what lies ahead, but the magic is always found and made in the present. so ever, I seek the mindfulness of the 'NOW'.


I arrived two hours too early for an event, and so now I sit in a deli sandwich place, drinking my orange juice very slowly. Pop spanish music is a welcome sound, even though I do not understand the disc jockeys.

An empassioned gray haired older man is sitting with a young employee on break. I have no idea of what they are saying, except that the man is adamant about whatever point he is making.

I sit facing the window, so I can look out and watch the people pass by. Even the mailman travels on foot, rolling his packages in a one armed cart. so many of the people have phones to their ear.

I listen to the ebb and flow of the music. The young alto also sings passionately. Possibly it is about love. it is spring and that is always a good season for that. (Of course, any season is, though.)


I'm still waiting, watching people come and go. A short, sturdy middle aged masculine woman is discussing the state of the world with her tall, heavy set friend. It is all about injustice, the difficulty of getting by. She punctuates her arguments every few sentences, "Ya know what I mean? Ya know what I mean?" No doubt she has lived in NYC all her life.

And so many people are out walking little dogs. Occasionally there is the large dog, but mostly it's little dogs.

One half hour until the event, I won't waste this much time tomorrow! However, I needed the rest, and I'm not complaining too much.


Rain! This had cut the exploration of the town to a halt. But I did venture out for some french fries and a tiny hamburger, which is all I wanted, anyway. And orange juice, I'm trying to get as much potassium in me to help with healing my sore muscles. I really walked myself raw doing the sights, and then I pulled my back muscle. But I'm starting to feel better now.

This chair has now been 'immortalized'. Grin! but I do appreciate the comfortable seats!

The subway and streets were amazingly active with people this night. This truly is the city that never sleeps. It's been a very satisfying day and tomorrow still remains.

May 29, 2005

"Stay Almost Over"

At first I did not know what it was, the frequent sounds of "Nu-uuu! Nu-uuu! Nu-uuu!" But then I realized it is the pidgeons asserting themselves vocally. There are so many pidgeons here. I've seen a few smaller birds, but mostly it is flocks of pidgeons taking flight and landing while making these sounds. With that said, I must go and calle the Super Shuttle to make arrangements for an early ride to the airport tomorrow. When I say early, I mean 'early'. I must be out of here at 4:00am.


That alarm will be ringing in just three hours. Goodbyes are always hard. I had such a good time and I'm grateful to all who made it possible. I think of everyone, including each person who patiently answered all my 'where is' questions. I can clearly see why people post those "I love NY" slogans here and there. Truly this city does have magic. These are memories I'll not forget.

May 30, 2005

"Heading Back Home"

I am at the airport, plenty early for the flight homeward. The tall thin black hotel clerk was so nice to me when I checked out. He had a deep accent from perhaps South Africa. He took special care to watch out for me as I waited. I told him I would remember him and he said he would remember me. The day before, he also suggested I get breakfast before going to the Natural History museum. Although I did not eat at the restaurant he recommended, I did get some carrot bread and orange juice, which I ate while I sat on one of the benches lining Central Park West.

I am very glad for that second trip to this museum. I saw the butterfly exhibit, a temporary exhibit on its next to last day, with both the pinned butterflies and a steamy tropically engineered area with many live butterflies freely flying to and fro.

After a good shot of one live butterfly, to my dismay, I found myself with no more disks with which to take further pictures. It was just as well, for I had to rush to see all within the alloted time. By 'all', I don't mean all that's in the museum, just the massive meteorite display, the crystals, and later, the Imax theater presentation about Jane Goodall and her work with chimpanzees. That movie had me in tears when the narrator revealed 90% of the chimpanzee habitats have been destroyed. But I am so grateful to the gracious and lovely Jane Goodall for all the work she's done on their behalf.


And now I am so very sleepy. Perhaps I can nap on the flight. I've had a wonderful time. (I won't count the time I found the hostel bathroom busy when I was desperate and earlier lugging the suitcases up those steep staircases.) But these, too, are moments to remember.

Now I am looking forward to seeing sweet Julia's smiling face when I arrive in Yuma.

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