West Wetlands Park

1 - Spring blooms in the desert - 2004
2 - An unusual floor deco at one ramada - 2004
3 - The imput place for any boats entering the Colorado River - 2004
4 - Enjoying a cool day in February 2005
5 - Thanksgiving 2006 walk along the river
6 - Playful Visit (Stewart Vincent Wolfe Memorial Playground), March 2007
7 - Evening walk in the park, April 2007
8 - Late morning walk in the park, October 2008
9 - Fragrant mystery solved, March 2010
10 - Century Plant, March 2009 and May 2010
11 - Two more photos from morning walk, May 2010
12 - Palo verde trees in fragrant bloom, May 2011
13 - Colorful Park Walk, October 2011
14 - Early Evening Walk, November 2011

"Stewart Vincent Wolfe Memorial Playground"

West Wetlands Park Dedication

In December 2002, the dedication service was held for West Wetlands Park. It had already been ten years in the making. We learned then of ambitious plans for this 115 acre park, which are scheduled to be completed by 2006. It is the largest environmental revegetation project of its kind in the country.

Note of October 2008
Yes, the West Wetlands park has grown alot since December 2002. They've increased the walking paths greatly. We walked from 12th Avenue and Water street to 22nd Avenue and Water street! The air was cool, the breeze a perfect lightness. On the path we passed a huge tall statue of a man with a gun. Reading some of the info on its base, I learned it is a memorial to a long trek some Morman soldiers made. Also, the sculptor is a descendent of one of the trekkers.

Memory of the statue's info plaques rather weak, I did a little research which reveals the statue honors the West Mormon Battalion that traveled through Yuma 160 years ago. Six hundred of them made a grueling march from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego, California. The statue of Philemon Merrill was done by R.C. Merrill, who "said Philemon Merrill is his great-great-grand uncle".

It's a fine statue, full of vitality, and his shirt has nice draping, as fabric would naturally hang.

West Wetlands Park Dedication

1 - Gadsden Elementary School Mariachis before Dedication entertainment
2 - Importance of PARTERSHIPS between many organizations, Pearl Harbor memories and honor to survivors
3 - Butterfly Release
4 - Ambitious plans, California neighbor 'thank-you'
5 - String Ambassadors, after Dedication entertainment

All photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry

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