Two Rivers Renaissance Faire, 2009

After all of yesterday's computer troubles, it was good to get out into the fresh, perfectly cool and breezy air. The third Two Rivers Ren Faire is going on, and each year they get better and better. Some really impressive talent showed this year.

It was interesting learning how he got his start in Ren Faires.
He started making wooden spoons, and then later did furniture.

In the picture above, he is sharpening a small tool, which he uses later to bore an opening in a long pole. He's making a tent stand for an exhibitor that will be at the Arizona Renaissance faire next month. (Julia and I went to a couple of those, in 1999 and in 2000.)

The colorful benches are new, for the last couple of years, we sat on hay bales

The Banat Tabla belly dancers at the Two Rivers Renaissance Faire wore colorful costumes

Yes, that's a sword she's balancing on her head. (I bet she wouldn't try that heavy axe that's behind her!)

A group of really fun singers!

He said "I'm feeling really vulnerable right now!"

Very nicely made scarab I bought from Blackheart Metals

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All photos © Joan Ann Lansberry
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