Renaissance Festival, 1999

Julia got two coupons for a half price special on the Renaissance Festival, which is held every February through March northeast of Casa Grande, near Superior, AZ. However the half price was only good on President's Day, February 15th. So after I did a bit of sewing, we got dressed in our period costumes and started off on our adventure.

Laura and Julia wanted their pictures taken early, while they were still fresh.

At the beginning of the jousting to determine who would be Queen's champion, the Queen urged the knights to do their best.

One gallant knight prepares to catch several garland rings on his lance.

Graceful dancers twirled across the jousting arena.

Parrots provided more local color.

Miguel dares Don Juan to slice the reed he holds so gingerly in his mouth. Earlier, before their show, he was milling about in the crowds trying to get people to come to their show. "I know you want me!" he teased Julia. Julia hugged him in return. "I love my job," he glowingly responded.

These two men have been doing skits for the renfests for eleven years. Somehow they always make it look spontaneous.

Daniel, Duke of Danger played a tune on his flute as he balanced on his head.


I rarely am so bold as to actually REQUEST my picture taken. Julia, who is often reticent in all other matters, BEGS to have her pictures. I got adventuresome. I'm pleased with Laura's results. If you can stand a closer look at my mug, you can click for a larger version.

  As we were making our way back to the exit, these fine violinists serenaded the crowd with traditional celtic tunes.

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