Statue of King Aspelta

Colossal statue of King Aspelta
From Nubia (Sudan) Gebel Barkal: torso from great temple of Amun), 593–568 B.C.E.
Granite gneiss, Height: 332.1 cm (130 3/4 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1923, MFA 23.730
"Aspelta was a ruler of the kingdom of Kush (c. 600 - 580 BCE). Aspelta used titles based on those of the Egyptian Pharaohs."
Horus name: Neferkha ("Whose Appearances are Beautiful")
Nebty Name: Neferkha ("Whose Appearances are Beautiful")
Golden Horus Name: Userib ("Whose heart is strong")
Prenomen: Merykare ("Beloved by the ka of Ra")
Nomen: Aspelta

"More is known about him and his reign than most of the rulers of Kush. He left several stelae carved with accounts of his reign. He was the son of Senkamanisken and brother of Anlamani, who immediately preceded him." (From Wikipedia)

Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry
A view of his feet and cartouche by Maegen Beauchamp, should it disappear, it's here