Bird's Eye View of The Colorado River
"High Point"
"Bird's Eye View from the Colorado River", March 2, 2002

The Ocean to Ocean bridge re-opened this week after a renovation. It had been closed since 1988, so it was quite the celebration once it was officially re-opened. I learned that 600 people gathered on the bridge Thursday, as it was formally dedicated. Neither Laura, Julia nor I went, so I read about it in the news. But we did visit it in person today. Laura let me off before the bridge so I could walk across the foot path.

The bridge's renovation took years of community team effort involving hundreds of people from all walks of life. In the past, its initial building was an effort between Indians and non-Indians. In the present, its preservation has also been such an effort, this time between Yuma and the Quechan Indian tribe.

The bridge is known for its illuminated sign outlining the words "OCEAN-TO-OCEAN BRIDGE YUMA." The lights, which operate automatically, can now be seen each evening from dusk to dawn.