Canyon Lake . . .

road to Canyon Lake

from restaurant

Laura at the helm

from on the water

from on the water

two ladies rock formation

from on the water

from up high

from on the road
''Located just 16 miles northeast of Phoenix on SR 88 this is one of a series of lakes on the Salt River. Canyon Lake twists for 10 miles through a magnificent gorge. Canyon Lake is one of four formed by damming the Salt River, the course of which runs right through Phoenix, but is dry for most of the year. Several marinas and one RV site provide some facilities. The land around Canyon Lake is crumbling, distorted rock with steep cliffs and twisting ravines, without much covering vegetation but with several species of desert plants. Various lengthy foot-trails traverse the wilderness, leading to remote springs and canyons, such as Fish Creek.''

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(Under permit U.S.D.A Tonto National Forest.)

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