Two Pazuzu
Amulet of Pazuzu
Iraq, ca. 800-600 B.C.
Bronze, 14.0 cm H, 9.3 cm W
Purchased in New York, 1943
OIM A25413

Pazuzu plaque
Mesopotamia, Neo-Assyrian/Neo-Babylonian 8th-6th century B.C.E.
Lent by Nanette B. Kelekian, Metropolitian Museum L.2004.8

From Museum website
"The demon Pazuzu represented by this figurine stands like a human but has a scorpion's body, feathered wings and legs, talons, and a lion-like face on both front and back. Pazuzu, the "king of the evil wind demons," was not entirely unfriendly to mankind. As an enemy of the dreaded Lamashtu demon, bearer of sickness especially to women and children, Pazuzu is often portrayed on amulets used as protection in childbirth. The ring at the top of this figurine suggests that it was such an amulet."