Eagle Headed Genie

Eagle-Headed Genie
Alabaster, Neo-Assyrian Period, reign of Ashur-nasir-pal II (circa 883-859 B.C.)
Iraq, Nimrud (Kalhu), from Room s of the Northwest Palace
Purchased with funds given by Hagop Kevorkian and the Kevorkian foundation
Brooklyn #55.149
Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry

(From info card)
"The Genie in this panel has an eagle head. "Ancient Assyrians believed that eagle-headed beings with human bodies, called apkallu, were endowed by the gods with extraordinary wisdom. Apkallu were thought to have helped build the great cities, and it was believed that they ensured the well-being of the cities' inhabitants. Small, clay eagle-headed figurines have been discovered buried in the walls of Assyrian building, probably to protect against evil."