Mummy Head Cover, Roman Period

Mummy Head Cover, Roman Period, 1st century BCE
Cartonnage, gold leaf, pigment
46 x 33.3 x 28 cm (18 1/8 x 13 1/8 x 11 in.)
William M. Willner Fund, Art Institute of Chicago #1910.221
Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry

(From info card)
"This papier-mâché-like helmet once covered the head of a female mummy. The tresses of the heavy wig she wears are portrayed as stylized braids decorated with gold spacers and flower rosettes. The fringe of her real hair can be seen on the forehead. Above her hair is the protective udjat eye, which symbolized the eye of Horus that was torn from the falcon god during his battles with the god Seth, but was magically made whole. The udjat eye was one of the most popular symbols of protection and rejuvenation."

The ape of Thoth, who healed the gods Set and Horus after their battle, presents Horus with his udjat eye.
Oriental Institute Museum 10658
Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry