Thoth and the Star-Ladies

The personified Stars give adoration to Thoth... (8x10 size)
Mixed media: Sharpie pen, colored pencils, and digital adjustments
© Joan Ann Lansberry, 3-9-19

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I saw this lovely photo of Djehuty with two adoring Star-Ladies and had to have a go at it.

However, I was frustrated, and wanted to see the other half of the stela. What a struggle to learn more! At first I thought it was at the Leiden museum (Rikjs Museum). But I couldn't find it at their website. Then I learned there's a temporary exhibit at the Leiden museum, only there until the end of the month.

I read on the museum website all the museums which have lended pieces to this exhibit. So it was a one by one, trying at each of the various museums' websites. I eliminated Allard Pierson, Roemer and Pelizaeus, Kunsthistorisches in Vienna, Museo Egizio, the Louvre and the British museum. That just left the August Kestner Museum in Hannover. I found their website difficult to navigate. So I looked through all their Facebook photos. I even listened to a lecture about their "forgotten" Egyptian art. Finally, I hit Flickr with just the right search term, to bring about ONE photo from the Hannover museum. This lovely piece shouldn't be forgotten, too.

Meanwhile, that one lone photo was the photo I needed! (Furthermore, it is of the whole stela, which I'd dearly love to translate one day. Right now all I can make out is that it is likely from the New Kingdom and is of a scribe who is giving adoration (dua) to Thoth (Djehuty).

I hope my colorful tribute does it justice.