Sketchbook 2014: "Enduring in the Desert"

The Beginning

Enduring Strength


Music Feeds the Soul

Seti I & Set

Ma'at Hieroglyph


Enduring Strength II

Seti I & Hathor

Nourished by Netjer

Osiris (aka Wesir)

Offering the Eye

Set Throws Some Thunder

Isis with Horus the Younger

Nephthys (Nebthet)


I got a nice new sketchbook, which hopefully should inspire me to more frequent drawing. Even though it's not part of a project, with a deadline, I'd like to apply the same discipline to filling its pages. The sketchbook is quite thick, so having begun it in 2013, I continued through 2014. But, alas, I was a bit late getting started in 2015, so I'll lump 2015 in with 2016.

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