Ink pen and colored pencil on acid free paper, 17.8 x 25.3 cm (7 x 10 in.),
     spiral rings removed after the scan:


I got inspired by Uret, Ramose's sister, a lily holder in Ramose's tomb, TT55 and created a crop from which to draw.

The blue lily, sometimes called a 'lotus', but more accurately known as Blue Egyptian water lily (Nymphaea caerulea), is a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. It is sweetly scented, and Uret would be inhaling its fragrance deeply, thereby rejuvenating herself.

While Uret's bracelet is plain, I gave my lily holder a decorated bracelet, decorated with the hieroglyphs for "Ankh Udja Seneb", or Ankh: "Life", Udja (or 'wedja'): "to be whole/intact"/"Endurance" (aka = "Prosperity") and Seneb: "Health".

Thus, I'm conveying the lily holder is "Flourishing".