Sketchbook Theme

© Joan Ann Lansberry, December 2012

"Set is in the desert"
(Theme of new sketchbook)

"In the desert, you can remember your name," says the song.

In the desert, the seedling seeks the deep roots.

"The seed cannot sprout upwards without simultaneously sending roots into the ground." (Said to be Egyptian proverb)

Consider the sprout, one half visible, one half invisible, in the dark. What is visible is the worldly manifestation known by all. But who knows how deep the roots go, but the plant-consciousness itself?

In the dark, to send one's roots deep, to drink of unseen waters...

And so that is the theme of the new sketchbook.
Each drawing will be a meditation, within solitude.

The song: "A Horse With No Name", by America, © 1972

After realizing these implications about the 'Sprout' drawing, I then added the hieroglyphs for "Set is in his Desert Lands" to the Title page.

Title Page