Set Giving Life to King as Horus

See the original below, based on a lintel at the ancient temple of Set at Naqada:
© Joan Ann Lansberry September, 2011

Set blessing Horus, (or Thutmose I as Horus), originally from the temple of Set at Naqada, now at the Cairo Museum
Line drawing by Joan Ann Lansberry, traced from photos by Andrew W. Nourse, and W.M.F. Petrie.
I also consulted the Wikipedia photo of it (It's a door lintel, not a stela).
(Printable pdf of linear version is available.

This lintel has undergone some damage since Petrie photographed it, so I made a montage of modern photo with overlay of Petrie's photo where the damaged areas were.

Note how visually, the composition has a pyramid effect. The 'sun' of the top element is its apex, and the two corner points are at Set's feet.

After creating the line drawing, I then colored it. I chose gold for the background because of Set's town then, Nubt, aka "Goldtown". I gave his symbolic plant a reddish brown, because I was trying to make it 'sedge' like, (although it might be here as the 'lily'). Also, the reason Wadjet is purple, because she was next to last that I colored, and I was running out of colors. Other than that, I think the colors are pretty true, reddish colors for Set, Was, and Bull; Pure Red for 'heart', and 'love'; Blue for Ankh to suggest blue of Amun.