Ma'at Mandala

April 20, 2009
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This all began with a drawing I did of an ankh holding a Ma'at feather, which was based on an ankh with Ma'at feather at the Ramesseum. I wasn't content with it, though, and I thought better to illustrate 'balance'(one of the aspects of Ma'at) with a mandala. Also, the center connecting bands suggest the 'connective justice' aspect. I'd hoped to find falcon wings for the corner element, but a 'Dover' line drawing of Nekhbet was a reasonable substitute. Usually Nekhbet grasps the 'shen' symbol for eternity, but I'd already expressed 'eternity'. (How fortunate that the hieroglyph for neheh, 'eternity of cyclical futurity', is also symmetrical, to nicely fit into the design!) So I placed Set's Was scepters, to convey the idea of 'power'.

Happily, I discovered later there is precedent for this. A piece at the National Museet, Copenhagen shows Nekhbet grasping a Was scepter:

Photo credit: "Tutincommon"
She's standing on the 'Nub' glyph which means 'golden'. I wonder if this piece came from 'Nubt', aka 'Naqada', where one of Set's ancient Temples were?

I wanted to send for prints, so I added borders to make it easily frameable: