© Joan Ann Lansberry, 9-8-12

I was reading about Khnum when I decided to draw him. I saw a photo of the relief fragment at the British Museum, and thought that would be a good model. But it is broken off shortly after the crown begins. So I had to hunt for a similar crown. I remembered Seti I's image from Seti I's temple near Qurna and adapted it. I got my template made, and cropped it to 11x14 inches, since that's the size of the paper I chose.

Then I learned something new about Photoshop. You can make 'guide' lines, much as the ancient Egyptians used to do with their grid lines:

So I drew guide lines on my paper. This helped, and I didn't have so many 'fixes' this time.

I wanted bright coloring like Horemheb's tomb (KV 57) has. I figured out my colors digitally and then used that image to guide me in the colored pencil version:

Color plan

Final version