The dictionary definition gives
1 : an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune
2 : something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects
But what I found interesting was the Etymology:
French talisman or Spanish talismán or Italian talismano; all from Arabic ṭilsam, from Middle Greek telesma, from Greek, consecration, from telein to initiate into the mysteries, complete, from telos end

"To initiate into the mysteries", and so I chose an amethyst stone with 'Runa' which means 'mystery'. Also, there is the phrase 'Seek the mysteries, as translated:

"A distillation of the above threefold system could be contained in the Egyptian sentence Ir shti shta-tu! which could be translated variously as "Inquire of the books of magic!" or "Seek the Mysteries!" or "Travel through difficult territory!" The Egyptian word shta-ti may have been etymologically connected with certain forms of the name of Set. By the time of the magical papyri the words meaning "belonging to Set" or "of the secret place" had coalesced in the common tongue. The Egyptians associated certain night sky features with Set, particularly the constellation Ursa Major and the planet Mercury. They called Mercury Sbq which simply means "the Unknown.""

© Joan Ann Lansberry
April 4, 2009


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