Pale (and Sickly)
January 16, 2009

© Joan Ann Lansberry

The original line drawing of this came about because I was expressing how horrid I felt earlier this week. It was the third day of an excruciating sinus headache. Today, Friday, I am very happy to feel good again. When I saw the Friday Illo theme of 'Pale', my sad, sickly character came to mind. I first colored this by hand, choosing a red background, thinking it a good contrast. I smoothed out my hasty coloring and then played with the color balance. The caramel background seems more pleasing. I got a second opinion, which agreed with mine. The second opinion giver gave me a third opinion, "Why that thing under the arm, it suggests armpit stink?" I copied and pasted over it, but then the composition seemed less balanced. So I left it as per the original drawing.


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