What is she looking at? It has her very mesmerized.
Line drawing, 'Sharpie' pen on bristol board, scanned and digitally colored and adjusted.

I did the line drawing last Saturday. When I saw the Friday Illo theme this week, I thought I could make this little drawing work for the theme of MESMERIZING. I'd colored the image and it seemed bland, so I got the idea to take the linear part, expand it 140% and then overlay this on top of the drawing. I erased the lines I didn't want, and colored in other parts. After I read about the physician whose name lends itself to the word "Mesmerize", I learned he believed there is a "universal fluid" surrounding everything in nature, a sort of magnetic energy. ( Mesmer's Aphorisms and Instructions). The shadowy outlined area of my mesmerized person seems to suggest this "fluid".

© Joan Ann Lansberry, September, 2011


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