The Capacity to Love Has No Limit

© Joan Ann Lansberry, December, 2010

Page as scanned...

To depict the heart, I didn't go with the symbol that is most common today. I instead chose the Egyptian hieroglyph for 'heart'. Nor did I go with the traditional pink and red. I chose green because green is the color associated with the heart chakra. After I scanned the page, I had a bit of worry that the green heart glyph looks a bit like a grenade, possibly one of those dreadful 'luv bombs' dispersed by those desperate to convince others of something, a 'ism', or anything, more likely out of their own insecurity.

So try to get THAT image out of your mind! Instead think of the jar shape the hieroglyph has, for the ancients thought to how the heart HOLDS things. I tried to show the heart expanding as it holds a person's love. I've had a profound experience based on this concept. As I relate it back in 1998, I'd just read "Our capacity to love is an unstoppable essence that when nurtured can expand without limit," as related by Pema Chodron in the March 1998 Shambhala Sun. This concept gelled in my mind as I pondered it. Here's my words fresh after my experience:

"Walking into the Albertson's store, the words of Pema Chodron I have just recently read are simmering within me. "The capacity to love has no limits..." The music over the loud speakers must be a valentine's treat, for they have imported concert hall speakers. It hits me like a wave of eddies and currents. "I can fly high as an eagle...", the woman is intoning.

"This mixes with the brew just fine. I can fly. I can fly high without limits. I can fly, fueled by the power of UNLIMITED LOVE. I can fly... This love wells up within me. A great wave of happiness washes over me. I have come to this ocean's edge before, certain that nothing greater could lie before me in the horizon. Surely I would sink downwards in love-happiness, death coming in a flame of glory. A flame soon consumed by eternity.

"But perhaps not... Maybe I don't have to worry about that. Love is unlimited. My heart can just expand and expand.


"I burst into orgasmic brilliant joy. I have never felt so illuminated. Midway through a mundane supermarket, I am distantly aware of corporeal reality. Me in the long brown skirt and sweater, floating down the aisle, am I perceived by others? Is this rapturous glow visible? They are all unaware. I must pilot this flight slowly down to earth, or I incinerate. I breathe, floating to a gentle landing by the time I reach the other end of the store. Bottles of expensive draught are stacked in neat rows. Liquid libations to raise spirits. I do not need these. I breath deeply once more. Plane is securely landed, pilot still somewhat stunned."

I didn't know then about Kundalini, the energy ball that rests sleeping at the base of the spine until wakened. But known about or not, trained in meditation or not, it rose upwards to the crown chakra anyway. However when I read about it a few days later, I recognized my experience, and concluded, "It's nice to know it has a name, other than 'mental orgasm'!".